What Is Rush?

Rush is a period aimed at helping you meet the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Rush occurs at the beginning of each semester and is comprised of various events ranging from bowling to BBQs and mixers. Additionally, rush is a means for you to learn more about the fraternity, and ultimately, to see if joining Lambda Phi Epsilon is right for you.

What Does It Mean To Rush For Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Contrary to popular belief, coming out to rush events involves no obligations, and no strings attached. The only expectation, or rather hope, we have of our rushees is that they have a good time at our events while meeting brothers and learning about the fraternity.

Why Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life. The road to becoming a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon is not easy as it requires drive and dedication towards achieving the organization’s various goals, but the rewards are well worth it. New members enter into a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds while learning how to become a leader in their schools, their communities, and the real world. It takes a certain type of man to become a Lambda – someone who wants to become a leader among men. Perhaps that’s you.

Will Rush Cost Me Any Money?

No, rush is free! Who doesn’t enjoy free food and fun?

Do I Have To Be Of Asian Descent To Join Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Absolutely not. While we are an Asian-American Interest Fraternity, there are brothers all over the country of ethnicities other than Asian. You do not have to be Asian to come to rush events and you do not have to be Asian to join Lambda Phi Epsilon. Everyone is invited.

Do I Have To Come To All The Events? Does It Matter Which Events I Attend?

We encourage our rushees to come out to as many events as possible. The more events you attend, the more you can learn about the fraternity and the more we can learn about you.

What Happens Once Rush Is Over?

If at the end of the rush period, a rushee feels that he wants to join the fraternity, he may attend a very informal interview, where the brothers get to know the rushee a little more on a one-to-one basis. From there, if brothers feel that the rushee is a good fit with the fraternity, they will extend him a bid. If the rushee decides to accept the bid, he will then begin the intake process, which is designed to instill the values of the fraternity. Finally, upon completion of the intake process, he will become an active member of the fraternity, someone who older brothers would be proud to call their brother.

***Please Note***

You must attend at least 2 Rush Events and the interview in order to receive a bid.

Interested? Fill out this info sheet so that we can contact you.