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Lambda Phi Epsilon’s vision is to become the preeminent international Asian interest fraternal organization, providing outstanding leadership, philanthropy, and advocacy in the community.


The mission of the organization is to promote Lambda Phi Epsilon and its brothers by:

  • Developing active members to become leaders through training and hands-on experience, to advance personal growth, and to achieve academic excellence.
  • Perpetuating leadership of our alumni members in the community, creating opportunities, and encouraging the spirit of fellowship.
  • Promoting positive Asian American awareness and providing the highest level of philanthropy in the community.

Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on February 25, 1981 by a group of nineteen dedicated men led by principal founder Mr. Craig Ishigo. Hoping to transcend the traditional boundaries of national origins, the founders aimed to create an organization that would set new standards of excellence within the Asian American community, develop leaders within each of the member’s respective community, and bridge the gaps between those communities. While the initial charter was comprised of Asian Pacific Americans, the brotherhood was open to all who were interested in supporting these goals. Mr. Craig Ishigo and Mr. Darryl L. Mu signed the charter as President and Vice President, respectively.

UCLAOn May 28th, 1990, the fraternity, now with six chapters total, convened on the campus of the University of California, Irvine for the first annual National Convention, which to this day has been held regularly over Memorial Day weekend. A national governing body was established to oversee the development of individual chapters and the fraternity as a whole, with Mr. Robert Mimaki, Mr. Eric Naritomi, and Mr. Doug Nishida appointed as National President, Northern Governor and Southern Governor, respectively. On September 8th, 1990, Lambda Phi Epsilon reached another milestone and became the first and only nationally recognized Asian American interest fraternity in the United States with the admission to the National Interfraternity Conference. In 2006, Lambda Phi Epsilon joined the National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association to increase collaboration and partnership between fellow APIA Greek organizations.


In the Fall of 2000, 4 young men, Ronald Chon, Jimmy Nguyen, Pinang Nguyen, and Viet Nguyen, went on a quest in search of Asian unity, and the true meaning of eternal brotherhood at the University of Georgia. The existing organizations at UGA were not able to establish a strong presence among the student body. In addition to the lack of diversity across campus, there were major divisions within the members of those same clubs and organizations. The four wanted all ethnic groups to be able to unite and form an everlasting bond amongst one another. The principle founders wanted the Asian culture to be recognized not only by other students attending the University of Georgia, but also by others across the nation. They wanted to help out the community as well as make a name for themselves while attending UGA. An organization open to all nationalities was necessary to develop eternal bonds as well as to provide innovative and inspiring social activities.

While researching a wide range of different fraternities, the four were introduced to Lambda Phi Epsilon, an Asian American interest fraternity, by a transfer brother from SUNY Binghamton named Jason Li. Working together under the guidance of Jason Li, the four formed Asians United, an organization created in hopes of achieving their objectives while creating an atmosphere that did not discriminate against different ethnic groups. They then recruited three other potential members, Jin Bae, Khanh Bui, and Joseph Pak, who shared the same common interests.

Asians United became actively involved in the community with various social, service, and fundraising activities. Realizing that Lambda Phi Epsilon shared similar views, Asians United began correspondence with representatives from the national governing body of Lambda Phi Epsilon in order to obtain the Charter to start at the University of Georgia. Demonstrating their ability to collaborate and successfully run an organization, Lambda Phi Epsilon granted Asians United an opportunity to become a part of the fraternity. The Zeta Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon, University of Texas at Austin, became the host chapter for the interest group, providing them with the knowledge to successfully accomplish what the fraternity had based its principles upon.

The Alpha Chi Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on June 10, 2001.

Mr. Jin Bae
Mr. Khanh Bui
Mr. Ronald Chon
Mr. Jimmy Nguyen
Mr. Pinang Nguyen
Mr. Viet Nguyen
Mr. Joseph Pak